The sunset on Kollevåg

 The pictures were taken by me last winter out of my house!

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A real story from Krakow

Summer is the tourist season of  krakow of poland .

And today, there is   a big bus with lots of chinese coming to the Old Town Square.

 One of these tourists, an old man who is named zhang, he came to poland alone .But He isn,t interesting of sightseeing  in the Old town square, even don,t take any pictures.

 He  asked the polish tourist guide “ could you go with me to the rose street”?

He said in polish.

The tourist guide got very surprised,and she said:”have you been in poland? Why do you know the street”?

The old man said:”yes, I have been in the rose street of krakow,this is the important memory in my life,no one can wipe away of the  memory from my mind”.

Then they walked to the rose street.And Mr.Zhang stop and stand in the front of one silver shop. He touched the signs which hanging outside,the tears began to drop down. He muttered to himself and said in chinese:” Labelle silver shop, i am back, i know you must still be here,never close over”.

The owner of the shop, is a middle-aged man. he  didn,t understand why Mr.Zhang just stood out of the shop but did not go in the door. He went to the door and asked:”May i help you, sir? Come into the shop, we have good quality of silvers in the whole city”.

The tourist guide suppose to translate to Mr.Zhang, but  he seems unstood.He come into the shop and take out a small velvet box from the pocket. He opened the box and tooke out a  thin silver bracelet. There is a name “Labelle Zhang”which engraved on the bracelet.

The owner of the shop got surprised:” Sir,are you the one of members of our silver shop? But you are from china,what happed with this”?

Mr.zhang then sit down and wipe away the tears, he start to tell this real story.

It,s November in 1943,there were full of snow in Krakow.labelle,s  family had owned this silver shop for 100 years .The shop was very famous in the city.

But during this time,the whole Poland was occupied by German nazi.labelle silver shop was still open everyday,but it,s a difficult time.

One day in the morning,the owner Labelle opened the door of the shop,he found two men who looked like easts and fell down in front of the shop.labelle asked his wife and daughter,they carried these two men into the shop and gave them hot suppe. later then labelle got to know,they were Chinese.The father came to the France after the first war was broken out.The son was born in France and they wanted to save money to return china while working. But when they came to Krakow,they lost money and just ended up like beggars.

Labelle knew that there were lots of jews who ran away to Shang Hai in china after the second war was broken out.And Chinese people helped them.

Labelle decided to take them in the shop, waiting  for an opportunity to return china while working.

Then the father zhang and Mr.zhang settle down and worked in the shop.they were very clever and learned very quickly to make silver jewelry.Labelle,s wife and daughter liked Mr.zhang very much! Labelle,s daughter  Iwona liked the violin.she played the violin while Mr.zhang working.They both were 18 years old and fell in love.

According  with the provisions of the shop, all of the staff will get a silver bracelet. engraved with the name of employee and the shop. And Iwona made   this special bracelet to Mr.zhang.

But before  Christmas, the Germeny soldiers caught them all up and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In the Auschwitz camp, Men and women are separated by two-meter high iron wire.

When Mr.zhang saw Iwona and her mother,and Iwona took her violin with her also.He crossed and rushed to her,just wanted to speak.and she also called his name:”Zhang,Zhang”

But the germen soldiers beat them apart with the butt of the rifle.

All people when they got into the Auschwitz camp,all peoperty will be forfeited. But Mr.Zhang must not allow the germans  to rob his bracelet.That is his Iwona  made for him.

So he put the bracelet under the tongue,no matter how the germans blustered to him,he didn,t speak.

The germans thought he maybe didn,t understand language.but he looked strong and young,so  they put him and father zhang,and labelle together with other people to  do drudge.But  labelle,s wife,she was sent to the gas chambers  the night the day.

Iwona was young and she can play violin,so she hadde to play music with the band to the germnans after heavy work everyday.

Before the Christmas in 1944,the german nazi hurried to kill the jews from the Auschwitz camp,they fired lots of documents,drank every night.

One day in the evening,Mr.Zhang was sent to the kitchen to wash dishes. On the kitchen,he met,s been one year they hadde not seen each other.they both stared each other,tears got down without speaking.

Late  one german came into the kichen and shouted the music band to go somewhere.Iwona looked at Mr.Zhang  last time,and suddenly cried to Mr.Zhang” Zhang,you must be alive and return back china”! she said in chinese as she learned few Chinese from Mr.zhang and father Zhang.The german didn,t understood what she said,but gave her a heavy slap in the face!

Mr.Zhang remembered what Iwona had said to him deeply! Yes,he must be alive and try to return to his country!! So he and father Zhang,and labelle searched some chances to run away while they were working in the daytime.

Finally they found out that there was a pool on the west of camp.and there were not any iron wires up on the pool 3 meters high.Labelle discussed with father Zhang and Mr.Zhang.They waited, when darkness coming,then they hide into the pool and try to run away.

The day was great weather,no moon and very,s a good chance to run away.But they didn,t know that one jew told the german about labell,s plan,he thought if he told germans of this news,and the germans will get him free.

So the gremans took the wolfdogs and tried to search them via the iron wires.

Labelle said to father Zhang:” you both just run now,you are Chinese,and suffered here because of us”!

Father Zhang said:” I am too old to run now,you take my son to run,I go to them”!

During the time, the germans was coming soon.labelle pushed Mr.Zhang into the pool one of place which was not easy to discover him,and he climbed the pool and went to the germans.

Labelle and father Zhang were killed by the germans the night.But the germans didn,t find Mr.Zhang,so they killed that jew who told them the secrets.

Mr.Zhang finally ran away the Auschwitz camp,and ran to Gdansk.later he met a big ship from Malaysia,he got the job on the ship and left Poland,he returned back china after several years.

It,s been 60 years since he left Poland.he has never married, now he is old!

There are so quiet in the labelle shop,the tears just drop down from the owner and the polish guide.The owner took out the family album.He told Mr.Zhang that during the second war,there were 17 people from labelle family who were killed.And Iwona was killed in the end of 1944.After she was killed just 20 days,the soviet red army liberated Auschwitz.

There were one picture of Iwona on the album,she stood under a tree and dressed very nice.She was smiling to Mr.Zhang. Mr.Zhang touched the picture and cired:” Iwona,Iwona,I have been missing you for 60 years,I have been thinking about to come to Krakow for 60 years,now I am back, I want to take you home”!

The owner took out Iwona,s picture and gave to Mr.Zhang,and said” Mr.Zhang,if Iwona was alive,she will be very happy to back home with you.She is belong to labelle,s family,and she is also belong to you,take her home”!

Mr.zhang put Iwona,s picture and the bracelet on his chest.And muttered:” My Iwona,we go home now…………”!

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make you smile again!


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Just to make you smile!

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En nydeilig kveld på Askøy

Bilder var tatt av Audun.


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Tim og Trine (挪威童话)


1,Høyt oppe,der hvor skogen slutter og det bare er store stener med litt mose på,bodde en trollfamilie i en hule.

De levde mest av grøt og ville bær,og når de var ute for å plukke nøtter og blåbær,passet trollfar veldig godt på at ingen så dem.



High up,there where the forest end and it is only big rocks with little moss on,lived a troll family in a cave.They lived most by porridge and wildberry,and when they were out to pick nuts and blueberry,troll father looked after very carefully so that nobody saw them.

2,Han had hørt at menneskene er redd for alt som er annerledes,og hvis de nå trodde at troll var farlige,kunne en aldri vite hva de kunne finne på.

Trollfar,trollmor og Tim var slett ikke farlige,men de så annerledes ut.


山精爸爸,山精妈妈和 Tim 一点儿也不危险,但他们看上去和人类很不一样.

He had heard that people is afraid of everything that is different,and if now they thought that troll were dangerous,you never know what they will do.

Troll father,troll mather and Tim were not at all dangerous,but they looked very different.

3, De hadde små haler,store ører,store neser,små glade øyne og hår som strittet til alle kanter.—Og så var de alltid i godt humør,—unntatt Tim,han kjedet seg fordi han ikke hadde noen å leke med.


They had small tail,big ear,big nose,small happy eye and the hair was like bristle full of all edge.And they were always in good mood,—except Tim.he got bored because he didn,t have anyone to play with.

4, En kveld,mens han listetseg omkring for å fange skogmus,så han ei lita jente som skyndte seg gjennom skogen med en hvit hane tripprnde etter.

Han måtte se hvor de gikk og fulgte etter like til de forsvant inn i et lite hus.

Der sto han lenge og tenkte på hvor deilig det ville være med en lekekamerat.




One evening,while he moved gently around in the forest to catch some field mouse,he saw a little girl who  was in hurry through the forest with a white cock flowed her briskly.

He must see where they were going to,and flowed them until they disappeared in a small house.

He stood there long time and thought about how nice it would be to have a playfellow!

5, Alt neste morgen lå Timog trollfar og holdt øye med huset.Trollfar likte det ikke noe særlig.han var så redd at han skalv,men Tim ville så veldig gjerne leke med den lille jenta.Og da foreldrene var gått på arbeide,våget han seg ned til huset.


The next morning,Tim and troll father lay down and watched house.Trill father didn,t like this much,he was so afraid and he was shaking! But Tim wanted so much to play together with this little girl.After parents went to work,he had courage to go down to the house.

6,  Den lille jenta het Trine og hun ble veldig forbauset da Tim kom gående. Han så så gøyal ut med den lille halen og de store ørene.Men trollfar ville hjem. Han følte seg ikke trygg hos menneskene og ba Trine så pent om å bli med opp til hulen. Han skulle nok gølge henne hjem igjen så snart hun ville.

这个小女孩名叫Trine,当她看到Tim走过来时,她非常的吃惊. 他看上去如此的欢愉,小小的尾巴.大大的耳朵.但山精爸爸想回家.和人类在一起他没有安全感.他和蔼的问Trine能不能和他们一起去山洞.只要她愿意,他可以在任何时候送她回家.

This little girl was named Trine and she was surprised when Tim came to her. He looked so cheerful with this small tail and those big ears.But troll father wanted go home.He didn,t feel safe among human and asked Trine kindly to come up to the cave.

7,  Så gikk de alle fire opp gjennom skogen. Hanen fløy opp på trollfars hode for å lære seg veien. Solen skinte og det dryppet fra træne,og Tim slo hjul og gikk på hendene og snakket som en kråke av bare glede. Tim hadde en tynn liten stemme men når trollfar snakket så romlet det helt nede fra magen.

于是一行四人穿越森林.公鸡飞在山精爸爸的头顶以便认识路. 阳光明媚,水珠从树枝上滴落着.Tim 翻着跟斗,手脚并行.说话的时候就象一只欢快的乌鸦.Tim 有着细细的小小的声线,但山精爸爸说话低闷就象从肚子里发出来的.

Then they four walked together through the forest. The cock flyed up on troll father,s head so he could learn the way. Sun was shinning and water was dripping from the trees,and Tim turned cartwheel and walked by hands and talked just like a happy crow. Tim had thin and small voice but troll father,s sound was low ,all the way just from the stomach.

8,Trollmor tok godt imot dem. Hun lo hele tiden så magen hennes hoppet og hun kom straks med et stort fat med grøt som var laget av nøtter og villebringebær fra ifjor sommer.

Trine syntes det smakte slik som det lukter i skogen en deilig sommerdag,men trollfar ville heller ha kokt bjerkebark og grankongler med mauregg.


Trine 认为它尝起来就象一个美好的夏日里从森林里飘出的味道.但山精爸爸较喜欢水煮白桦树皮和杉树果加些蚂蚁蛋.

Troll mather took good care of them.She laughed all time so her stomach shaked.And she came quickly with a big dish of porridge that was made by nuts and wildraspberry from last year summer.

Trine thought it tasted as it smells from forest,a beautiful summer day.But troll father would rather have cooked birchbark and spruce-cone with anteggs.

9, Da de var mette,løp de ut i solen. De tumlet omkring i snøen og brukte gryter og stekepanner å ake på. De to gamle lo så godt at de nesten trillet av stenen de satt på.


After they were full,theyran out in the sunshine. They tumble around in the snow and used a pot and a fry-pot to sledge on. Those two olders laughed so much that they almost slipped and fell down from the stone they were sitting on.

10, «Vi lager fest for Trine», ropte trollfar,og løp inn etter langt horn som kalles lur,og så blåste han i det så det kunne høres vidt omkring.

Det varte ikke lenge før en kunne se små prikker som beveget seg, og da de kom nærmere, så var det trollfamilier som kom rullende og tumlende. De små trillet som garnnøster, men de gamle rullet mer forsiktig. Troll ruller nemlig når de har det travelt.

«我们来给Trine庆贺 山精爸爸大声说到.跑去找到一个号角,他吹起来,声音广阔,余音围绕. 没过一会儿你能见到许多小点在移动.当他们近了时,原来是山精家族在滚动着.


11, Moren til Tim skyndte seg å sette grøt på bordet,og etterpå danset de. De trampet i gulvet og sang lange viser så folk nede i dalen trodde at det var tordenvær i fjellet.

Trine hadde aldri hatt det så morsomt og aldri hadde hun hørt slikt spetakkel. Men da gjestene var gått og det ble stille, kom hun til å tenke på mor og far som kanskje gikk og lette etter henne.

Og hanen trakk henne i ermet og ville hjem. Da hun begynte å gråte,sa trollfar:»Nå følger vi Trine hjem, og det med stormskritt.Sett dere opp på ryggen min»!

Tim的妈妈赶紧把粥端上了桌,然后他们跳起了舞.他们踩踏在地上,唱着长长的歌谣.山谷里的人们以为是山顶那里在打雷下雨了. Trine从来没有过这般有趣,也没听到过这许多的喧闹.但当客人们都走了后,一切变得又安静了.她开始在想妈妈和爸爸,他们可能正在找她. 公鸡啄她的衣袖,想着回家.她开始哭了起来.山精爸爸说»现在我们送Trine回家,得快点儿.把他们都放在我的背上»!

Og avsted bar det i lange steg over trærne. Vinden suste i ørene på dem——og plutselig var de ved huset. Trine og hanen ble satt av ved døren. Tim og trollfar var borte med det samme. Tim rakk bare å hviske:»Vi kommer igjen i morgen»!

Så var de vekk. Døren gikk opp,og jeg skal si at mor og far ble glade. De ville slett ikke tro det Trine fortalte——-,før de så de store fotsporene i snøen.

山精爸爸大步跨越树林.风在耳边呼啸.转眼他们到了房子旁边.Trine和公鸡被放在门旁. Tim和山精爸爸一起离开了.Tim急急的低语:»我们明天再来»!



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Krabbe med chili saus

Du trenger:

2 krabber(rå eller kokte)

løk 1/2

vårløk 2

ingefær litt

hvitløk 2 stykker.


risvin 1 ss (ellers brennevin)

soya saus 2 ss

chili saus 1 pakke( kan kjøpe den fra Safari)

salt 1 ss

vann 4 dl

maismel 1 ts

Slik gjør du:

1,shylle krabbene  i vann,skjær opp krabben og knuse klørene .Strø litt hvetemel eller maismel på krabbene.Steke dem i olje,ta dem ut av woken.

2,blande kryder,vin,vann,salt,maismel og soya saus sammen.

3,,skjær løk,vårløk,ingefær og hvitløk i små biter,steke dem med 2 ss olje.Sette krabbene i woken,tilsette  alt kryder og vann.Sette på lokket.Små koke i 10 minutter.

4,Serveres med ferskt brød ,maiones .

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En tur i Kina i februar

I februar hadde vi en tur til Kina. Vi reiste til Hai Nan og Hong Kong.Hai Nan er en stor øy som ligger i sør Kina.Det er et tropisk sted. I februar var det 30 grader!

Hai Nan er kjent for store,lange strender og sjø mat! Vi bodde i et nydelig hotell som like ved sjøen. Bak hotellet er en stor strand. Å gå på tur på strand og svømme noen ganger er veldig koselig!

Noen likte også å kjøre vann-ski på sjøen. Det er litt farlig,trodde jeg.Men noen syntes også det var gøy!!


 Hotell rommet vi bodde i kostet 710 RMB( ca.600 Kr) for dagen.Det var noen forskjellige restauranter i hotell også. Du kunne sitte i musikk bar,drikke øl og se på sjøen om kvelden,koser deg!

Etter Hai Nan reiste vi til Hong Kong. Hong Kong er en moderne by med høye bygninger,butikker og restauranter.Vi tok tau banen til det høyeste fjellet i Hong Kong. Utsikt var kjempe fin,men når du se r over disse høye bygningene,er det en utrolig følelse!

Min mann likte ikke Hong Kong,han syntes det var for mye folk og bråk på en liten plass. Vi måtte vente på restaurant en til to time når vi skulle spiser middag. Restaurant er full alle plasser!

Men vi likte å ta trikk rundt i byen.Trikken er gammel og bare betale to kroner! Du få se mye av byen når du sitter på disse to etasjes trikkene.

Jeg synes at det er fint å ta en tur til Hong Kong.Men jeg kunne ikke bo der! Jeg foretrekker stille stedet.

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Å spise i Kina

I kina er det forskjellig måter å spise frokost på. I sør kina eller Hong Kong pleier mange pensjonister å gå på restaurant hver morgen  sammen med venner. De drikker te og spiser «dumpling» og mange små asjetter med forskjellig mat på.De prater og spiser,har det veldig koselig! De pleier å bruke to eller tre timer på frokosten.Vi kaller den «morgen te»

kinesisk frokost(sør kina)

Men mange folk må gå på jobb klokka 8,da spiser de en enkel frokost.Noen er begynt å spsie vestlig frokost.Det er et glass melk eller appelsin juice og to brødskiver med egg ,bacon,eller skinke.Men tradisjonell kinesisk frokost er å drikke soya-melk(den er laget av gulerter) og varme små boller(laget av hvetemel med kjøtt inni). Noen går på gate-kjøkken og sitter der og spiser en stor bolle «noodles».  Det er grønnsaker,egg og kjøtt inni. Det gir deg nok energi hele formiddagen!

Vi pleier også å spise varm lunsj,ikke stor lunsj. Folk som jobber på kontor bestiller lunsj fra restaurant. De får mat pakke hverdag,klokka halv 12 fra restauranter.

Det er ikke vanlig å ta matpakke med seg selv,noen går til nærmeste restaurant sammen med venner,spiser lunsj der.Fordi det er veldig billig!

Etter klokka fem pleier folk å gå til mat butikker og kjøper kjøtt eller grønnsaker der. Etterpå reiser de hjem og lager middag. Vi pleier å spiser middag klokka sju.

Sammenlignet med Norge er det enklere mat i Norge! Nordmenn spiser brødskiver til frokost og lunsj.Noen spiser brødskiver hele dagen,men det er ikke så vanlig!

Det er lit kjedelig også enkelt,men i alle fall spare folk mye tid på å lage mat!

De fleste nordmenn spiser middag klokka fem og kanskje ei skive til kvels klokka ni.Pensjonister spiser ofte middag i ett tiden!

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Maling på flaske

Har du noen tomme flaske hjemme? Ikke kaste dem ut!  bruker garn og lim på flasken.Etter det har tørket,kan du male med fantasien din!

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